• Geox Meldi Knee High Boots in Brown


  • Perfect for work and formal occasions, these Mendi women's boots from Geox feature the exclusive patented perforated sole that offers outstanding breathability and a feeling of well-being that lasts all day long. The Net Breathing System increases performance, boosting breathability and comfort. What's more, the Amphibiox technology ensures water repellency, even under heavy rain, keeping the feet dry. The TPU sole will ensure that you have the right levels of grip, lightness and flexibility with every step you take. The soft brown leather upper has a slightly elongated shape and wraps the leg. The construction with a practical side zip means that they are easy to put on. A flawless look, outstanding performance and incredible comfort.

    Amphibiox™ combines typical outdoor solutions, reinterpreting them with a fashionable and contemporary twist.
    The pioneering water repellent and breathable Geox sole is enhanced with a series of innovative technologies for the upper (including some patented by the brand), which allow Amphibiox™ to offer excellent performance both in terms of water resistance and breathability.
    The special Amphibiox™ membrane keeps the feet completely dry, protecting them from the rain, mud and snow. At the same time, natural temperature regulation is guaranteed by excellent breathability, for freshness or warmth depending on the outside temperature.

    Shoes with Amphibiox™ technology offer excellent water repellency, which adapts to different situations.
    This model will keep feet dry even in extreme weather conditions.
  • £190.00

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  • Geox Meldi Knee High Boots in Brown
  • Geox Meldi Knee High Boots in Brown
  • Geox Meldi Knee High Boots in Brown

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